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Greece is located at the southern end of the Balkan peninsula; its terrain consists mostly of mountains as well as rocky island chains and peninsulas extending into the surrounding seas.

Greece relief map
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Greek islands cruise ship Greece includes a mainland core area and more than 1,500 Greek islands, about 10% of which are inhabited.  The large Greek island of Crete is located to the south of the mainland.

Pindos Mountains, Greece Greece's mainland is comprised mostly of mountains, including the Pindos Mountains, a part of the Dinaric Alps that run southeastward, along the peninsula, from the Albanian border.  Mountainous areas on Crete and on the island of Rhodes were once part of the same range.  The Rhodope Mountains, which are located in the northeast, separate Greece from Bulgaria.

While low-lying plains are sparse in Greece, some do exist.  The northern plain runs from the Turkish border to the Greek province of Macedonia, while the plain of Thessaly is located in the central eastern portion of the Greek mainland.

rural Greek landscape with vineyards Much of Greece's land, including the warm-climate beaches and grand rocky areas, are responsible for bringing millions of tourists to Greece every year.  While the land is typically poor and the soil not suited to vegetation, the country still remains very dependent upon agriculture, and can mostly support itself on its own food production.  Most of the agricultural enterprises are small farms that grow olives, wheat, tobacco, and citrus, or that raise livestock such as sheep and pigs.

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