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Greece played an important role in history.  Greece is where democracy, political science, and even drama got its start.  Because of its long history, the country is dotted with ruins and relics that are thousands of years old.  Tourists are delighted to visit the many museums and archeological sites to see priceless artifacts, or even bask in the sun on the seemingly never-ending shoreline.

Greek Islands

red flowers - street in mykonos island, greece Scattered in the Ionian and Aegean Seas, only about 200 of Greece's 2,000 islands are inhabited.  Most of the Greek islands are in the Aegean Sea, where seven island groups are located.  The Ionian Sea only has one island group.  Sheltered coves and bays and beaches stretch for many miles.  The islands are tremendously popular for vacationers, with their ideal climate and deep blue waters.  Some Cyclades island towns, such as Mykonos, feature delightful galleries, shops, cafes, and whitewashed buildings adorned with bougainvillea and grape vines.

whitewashed villa with blue gate - santorini, greece


Perhaps Greece's most spectacular island is Santorini.  Visitors are delighted by the whitewashed houses that dot the steep cliffs overlooking the sparkling blue-green sea, and they are amazed by the black sand beaches along the shoreline.  Aside from the spectacular views, Santorini is known for its great local cuisine and features popular snorkeling areas.

While in Santorini, stop by Akrotiri, a small ancient settlement that was buried under ashes years ago when the volcano, Thera, erupted.  The town and the buildings have been preserved in nearly excellent condition under the volcanic ash.


rocky seacoast - island of crete, greece There is a lot to see and do on the famous Greek isle of Crete.  Choose from fantastic restaurants and a happening nightlife or spend time hiking through the rugged mountains and enjoying the gorgeous scenery.

While in Crete be sure to see Knossos, which features a Minoan Palace that remains in pristine condition 3,000 years after it was built!


Olympia is the birthplace of the modern Olympic games; the ruins here are well-maintained and are a striking sight.  Olympia is also home to a variety of tourist shops, restaurants, and cafes.  While in the area, be sure to stop by the Historical Museum of the Olympic Games.


Several monasteries were built along the rocky terraces and upshots of Meteora during the Byzantine era.  Access to the monasteries was once extremely difficult, but during the 1920s steps were cut into the rock, making the area more accessible.  Today, the few monasteries that are left serve as museums.

parthenon ruins on acropolis hill - athens, greece


Athens, the capital of Greece, is well known for its cafes, parks, and historical monuments.  Visitors can see monuments to mythical Greek gods, including the Stoa of Zeus, the Temple of Apollo, the Altar of the Twelve gods, the Odeon of Agrippa, and the Acropolis.  Its National Archaeological Museum is considered one of the world's greatest museums.


Thessaloniki is Greece's second largest city and is known for its dining and culture.  Several notable sights may be found here, including Byzantine monuments and the tomb of Philip, Alexander the Great's father.

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